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Reflections on the year gone by- 2020

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Fortunately or unfortunately those really really important moments of clarity, deep insights about yourself or another, or profound internal change cannot be captured. It is not visible or cannot be shared in it’s wholeness because words do not fully hold it.

As I am writing this, I am reflecting on how that means it is not obvious to others what has moved inside of you, or strengthened inside of you.

How different would it be if we wore badges of honour to mark our evolution, or if these things were measurable or even visible on the outside for the world to see. As is the case with so many material achievements on instagram.

Maybe these moments, changes, insights are so special because they remain so private. We can hardly give form to them for our partners and family members to know or understand.

And yet so much has moved and strengthened and broken down and rebuilt. And in that , we are better for some things just knowing that we are ‘able’ to go through them, for other things we know that we are not yet ready for them and we are better in knowing that too. But it kinda really sucked nonetheless. And yet we are grateful. It is possible to hold all these complex feelings together.

Like I said, words evade the depth, layers and complexity of experience.

There has been so much collective loss, learning, hardship, and resilience. I am keeping everybody in mind as I say a little prayer of peace and love for all of us.

The collective contains the individuals.

Here is to setting the sun on 2020, like this picture.

Here is to 2021, the year that simply is.

Warmly, Ayesha

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