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To Be a Witness to You, Just Being: From A Psychotherapist's Chair

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I do pretty much the same thing everyday as a psychotherapist. Enter my office and settle into my chair, and then I listen. I don't just listen, I witness you. I see you being. You being you, in all your glorious complexities, embodying all the that make you who you are. And yet your 'you-ness' is dynamic.

Somedays you are being strong, some days you are feeling wrong, sometimes you feel comfortable staying hidden, other days you clearly ask for what you need.

Although you come seeking help, I am not the expert in your life. The wisdom you possess about yourself and your healing journey far surpasses any training I have received. So I sit there making no pretences I know any better than you, but I want to be right next to you as an empathetic witness to you discovering your own answers.

I am honoured to hear your story, and to see you in all your ways.

Warmly, Ayesha

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