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Why Dialogue?

Dialogue is the the shape we give to our inner workings. 

It is the way we have learned to express and therefore it also becomes a means for our unburdening.

Dialogue Mental Health is a confidential, ethical and reliable psychotherapy service run by a trained mental health professional. 

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Psychotherapy is an opportunity to understand the ‘self’ better. The self may be defined by our relationships with others, our thoughts and feelings, and the unique experiences we live through or the circumstances surrounding us. It is in the careful attention we give to our self and our experiences in a safe space that enables us to make meaning, develop capacities and be guided ahead in our journeys. 

Psychotherapy is not the objective administration of a standard ‘treatment’ or a ‘cure’ to life’s many ups and downs. It does not provide an assurance that problems will cease to exist. Rather, it is an exploration of our inner worlds. It is simply being with our experiences with another as witness. It is knowing that help is available to cope with the curveballs that life may throw our way.

It is the act of caring for the soul by paying on-going, compassionate and careful attention to the needs of the soul. 

It facilitates the process of soul-making as James Hillman would say. Becoming more of who we are.

My practice addresses the emotional difficulties client's may encounter in light of confusing, painful and unpleasant experiences and attempts to help you explore and understand how their unhelpful impacts on your well-being can be overcome.

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